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Lisburn Dental Spa, 14 Railway Street, Lisburn, BT28 1XG

New Private Examination is now only £45 This includes 2 small x-rays with Dr. Buchanan. Please call 028 9266 3185 for an appointment.

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Telephone: 028 9266 3185

A Cosmetic Dentist for Belfast

Would you like to look 10 years younger, but not have anyone guess how? It certainly would be nice. Fortunately, it doesn’t take cosmetic surgery to strip years away from your appearance - it only takes a cosmetic dentist.

Belfast is home to the Lisburn Dental Spa, national leaders in dental care and smile rejuvenation.  As a spa service, the clinic also performs filling for fine lines and wrinkles and chemical peels to remove aged skin.  With one consulting practitioner handling your case, you will be able to coordinate treatments to get the maximum effect.

It starts with your decision to consult a cosmetic dentist.  Belfast weather can age your skin, and the constant cups of tea or coffee can tint your teeth.  Together, it gives you an older appearance than you really deserve.  A quick visit to or a call to the clinic at 028 9266 3185 can change all of that for the better.

Your cosmetic treatment will start with a complete examination and consultation session.  There is no obligation to proceed with treatments immediately - Lisburn Dental Spa wants you to take the time to consider your options and your choices.  They also offer a number of financing plans to bring even the most expensive treatments within reach.

Using digital photos, computer modeling systems, and physical models, your technician will be able to show exactly what your treatment will change for you.  You can see shades of whitening on your teeth and see what new veneers would look like before you go through with the treatment.  There will be time to answer all of your questions, and there will be no surprises.

Along with the dental work, the technician can also talk to you about fine line filling and chemical peels to bring the youth back into your face.  You can have spa services done at the same time or on separate visits.  The combination of a bright, more even smile with a plumped and freshened face is subtle but dramatic.

You can get ready to puzzle your friends and impress your family with an initial appointment with a cosmetic dentist.  Belfast scheduling is easy.  You can go online at your convenience and request an appointment at or you can make a quick phone call to the clinic at 028 9266 3185.  Don’t wait for the right time - -the moment for a more youthful you through cosmetic dentistry is now.


Telephone: 028 9266 3185