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Telephone: 028 9266 3185

Dental Implants by Belfast locals

To transform your smile and yourself, you don’t need to travel the length and breadth of the country. For quality dental implants, Belfast natives need look no further than a trusted local dentist. Lisburn Dental Spa has the technology and the training to give a complete smile makeover.

The way smile makeovers work is subtle but quite impactful.  While friends and family may not be able to pinpoint exactly what’s changed, you will have a more beautiful smile you can show off with confidence.  The secret is in working with a professional who can provide the consultative services necessary to give you the smile that fits your face.

To look into getting dental implants, Belfast locals have three options.  They can visit the dental spa online at, call the clinic at 028 9266 3185, or stop by the office directly.  From the first point of contact, all patients are treated with respectful courtesy and compassion.

At the initial consultation, specialists use digital photography, computer imaging, and models to let you know exactly what work is possible.  You will be able to see exactly how your new smile will look.  You will also be able to discuss every aspect of your dental implants.

Belfast has seen a number of different materials used in local mouths, but at Lisburn Dental Spa most dental implants are made of titanium.  Porcelain veneers are also used as necessary.  The combination allows for smile makeovers that repair damaged teeth and permanently replace missing or painfully diseased teeth.

Coupled with whitening and brightening treatments, the overall effect of the dental implants can take years off your appearance.  It can also serve to perk up your entire persona, as you will no longer have to hide your smile.  In fact, you may find yourself showing it a bit more often to display your beautifully discrete dental implants.

Belfast natives have many choices for their dental care.  For advanced dental solutions, up front consultations that focus on your needs, and implants that can’t be separated from your real teeth, Lisburn Dental Spa is your only choice. 

Why settle for less than the absolute best for your mouth and your life?  As a private dental clinic, Lisburn Dental Spa has won numerous awards from the leading dental care associations.  You are in good, local hands with a national reputation for quality.  The only thing between you and the smile you’ve always wanted is a simple appointment.  Why not set it up now?


Telephone: 028 9266 3185