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A Hollywood style Cosmetic Dentist in Northern Ireland

Movie stars and celebrities always seem to have the nicest teeth. It’s almost a prerequisite for being famous. However, the secret to those beautiful smiles can be found at the office of your local cosmetic dentist. Northern Ireland has its own Hollywood style cosmetic dentist available at the Lisburn Dental Spa.

In just over an hour, you can have your smile transformed from common man to superstar.  It’s a painless process, and you can see the results immediately.  Most patients are surprised at just what a difference a brighter smile can make for them in terms of their overall appearance.

The technology used by the Lisburn Dental Spa is known in the industry as Zoom.  It’s a favorite with stars for good reason—it’s fast and highly effective.  While in the past you had to travel to California for the same experience with a cosmetic dentist, Ireland now has multiple providers.

Of course, not every provider offers all of the services available to you at the Lisburn Dental Spa.  Zoom whitening isn’t the only secret to a paparazzi ready smile.  Another one of the celebrity secrets is dental implants.

Dental implants are titanium studs that are embedded directly into the bone of your gums.  This provides the anchor for even, gleaming porcelain veneers.  If your teeth have been damaged, chipped, or knocked out, these porcelain veneers provide a beautiful fix that lasts for a lifetime.  You simply care for them as though they were your real teeth, and no one will ever know that you’re not 100% natural.

Having star treatment on your teeth doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay Hollywood prices.  The Lisburn Dental Spa is an award-winning private clinic focusing on high quality service and value.  In addition to reasonable price points for services rendered, they also offer several financing packages so that you never have to give up your dream of a perfect smile.

Setting up a consultation is the first step to having the Hollywood smile experience in your mouth.  To get in touch with the Lisburn Dental Spa, go online to and select “Contact Us” to get information on how to be contacted by a member of the staff.  You can also call the office directly on their landline, 028 9266 3185.  It will only take a moment to make the call—but the results could last for a lifetime.  Why wait?


Telephone: 028 9266 3185